CFHS offers several tour packages that allow you to customize your flight, while most tour operators require you to select   pre-established tour routes which may not allow you to see areas of personal interest.  The Central Florida area offers many wonderful sights from the air, whether it is a tour of the local attractions, seeing the Orlando skyline at night, or an up close excursion over the many nature areas Central Florida offers.  No matter what your request, CHFS will make your flight an exciting and fun filled event!

NIGHT FLIGHTS over the attractions and downtown Orlando are available by reservation.

LOCAL ATTRACTIONS                                                                                                ADRENALINE FLIGHTS

Walt Disney World                                                                                                            St. John's RiverTour/Gator Alley

Epcot                                                                                                                                   Kennedy Space Center

Sea World                                                                                                                           Space Shuttle Landing Strip

Universal Studios                                                                                                               Cocoa Beach Coastline

Down Town Disney

Down Town Orlando

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Other Services

FAA Private Pilot Certification
FAA Commercial Pilot Certification
FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Rotorcraft Rating
Re-currency VFR Check Flights (Day or Night )
Add On Ratings
Law Enforcement Tactical Training
Insurance Competency Check Flights
Turbine Transition

Additional Services Available

  • Discovery Flights - Hands on Experience
  • Sightseeing Tours - Customized flights of your choice (day or night)
  • Aerial Photography/Video
  • Real Estate Surveys
  • Special Events - Rides

Aviation Management Consultant Services

  • Commercial and Governmental - Aviation Department Assessment/Audits
  • Pre-Acccreditation Evaluation/Audits
  • Post Accident/Incident Investigation
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Strategic Planning