Training Costs are based on minimum required flight time required by the FAA for the Rating sought and additional time required will be billed at standard hourly rates if necessary.
Prices include pre flight lesson briefing and post flight debriefing/ lesson review.
(Students are required to purchase ground school preparation and instructional materials at additional cost).
Private Pilot Course -  Quoted on Request
Block Time of 5.0 hr. Increments

Commercial Pilot Course - Quoted on Request Based on Experience and Ratings Held
Is required for any pilot who will be flying for hire. If you have previous logged flight time or ratings, CFHS will review your experience, explain the FAA requirements, then recommend the most economical method to achieve your goal by providing a sensible customized training plan and provide a quote you can afford.

CFI Needing An Aircraft ?  Rental Rates Quoted On Request
If you are a CFI requiring an aircraft to provide instruction, contact CFHS for Rental and lease back options on aircraft for training.  
                                            The following options are quoted on request:
                                               Discovery Flight  - Hands on Experience! 
                                               Currency Check Flight
                                               Hiller Endorsement